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Aesthetic Treatments

Need a little nose reshaping or chin enhancement? Not satisfied with your jawline structure? Dr. Kubicka’s expertise as an Aesthetic Physician is all you need. 

Aesthetic treatments can help to improve facial features that clients are unhappy with, such as nose, cheekbones or lips. At Clinicbe Skin of Colour, these treatments are especially tailored for all skin types.

  • Dermal fillers
    Looking for a younger, healthier and virtually wrinkle-free look? We’ll inject just the right amount of dermal fillers in the right spots to nice plump up your skin and restore youthful looks.
  • Lip fillers
    Need to have the size and shape of your lips enhanced in a subtle yet beautiful way? This treatment will also get rid of any lines and creases.
  • Nose reshaping
    Dermal fillers can work wonders for reshaping the nose, quickly and effectively improving the profile and balance of facial features. Ideal for those who prefer non-surgical procedures.
  • Jawline contouring
    If you’re looking to tighten and redefine your jawline, Dr. Kubicka’s Neck and Jawline Programme will effortlessly tend to your every need.
  • Cheek enhancement
    High cheekbones and attractive looking cheeks rarely go out of style. Rely on our expertise with dermal fillers to enhance those cheeks.
  • Chin enhancement
    When the chin is small or retrograded, it can be easily reshaped without surgery using dermal filler injections. This can make a significant improvement to the silhouette, making the whole face more balanced and visually appealing.
  • Tear trough treatment
    Depressions that are clearly visible from the nose up to the eye socket area are referred to as tear troughs – a site for unsightly shadows or eye bags. Through tear trough treatment, advanced dermal filler solutions can be used to add volume to restore a healthy and youthful look.
  • Thread lift
    Looking for a non-surgical, non-invasive facelift? Refresh your facial features and structure by getting a thread lift.
  • Aqualyx
    “Fatty spots” on the body like the buttocks, inner thighs or upper arms are notorious for storing unwanted body fat. When diet and exercise isn’t that effective, Aqualyx injections can blitz fat from those trouble spots.
  • Mesotherapy
    Bid farewell to sun-damaged skin, dry skin, cellulite, stretch marks and a variety of aesthetic conditions by undergoing Mesotherapy from a skilled Aesthetic Physician.
  • BOTOX® wrinkle relaxing injections
    The world’s no.1 anti-ageing treatment. With botulinum toxin wrinkle-relaxing injections, we can get rid of those annoying lines, wrinkles and creases that appear with age and sun damage. In addition, BOTOX® can be used to reshape the eyebrows for a younger look.
  • Visia 3D Skin Analysis
    Detailed analysis of your facial features and structure may be required before administering certain aesthetic enhancements. This is where an advanced 3D skin analysis come in handy

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