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Body Treatments

From body contouring to treatments for cellulite, acne and stretchmarks, Dr. Kubicka’s experience and profound expertise in advanced non-surgical treatments can improve your body’s structural health. 

  • Body contouring –
    Contouring and shaping the body can give it a firmer and younger look. This can be established through:

    • MiCool A Cryolipolysis
      A fat reduction procedure which acts as a good alternative to liposuction surgery, MiCool-A™ is an advanced technology which delivers excellent stubborn fat loss results in a non-invasive way.
    • Aqualyx fat dissolving injections
      The body has specific areas where fat accumulates easily – around the chin and cheeks, inner thighs, knees or hips, for instance – Aqualyx® injections destroy and oxidise fat cells from the body, releasing them via the lymphatic system.
  • Microdermabrasion
    From dry and tired-looking skin to enlarged pores and age spots, microdermabrasion is a full body treatment which can restore a healthy and youthful appearance to your skin.
  • Dermapen treatment for stretchmarks
    If you want to get rid of those annoying wrinkles and lines around certain parts of the body, Dermapen microneedling treatments can stimulate your skin’s natural healing abilities to provide for a fresh and rejuvenated look.
  • Mesotherapy for cellulite
    Dr. Kubicka’s mesotherapy injections stimulate the body’s own processes to break down cellulite, tighten skin and produce a firmer and more toned look to your body.
  • Acne – back, neck, décolletage
    The décolletage, an area around the neck, upper back and collarbone, can easily show signs of ageing, especially as transition into your 40s. The effects of acne scarring can make this worse. Through a variety of advanced body treatments, Dr. Kubicka can get your décolletage to look fresher and younger.
  • Hyperpigmentation – knees, elbows, hands
    Hyperpigmentation often leads to age spots or “liver spots” which can not only appear around the face and neck, but also the hands, knees and elbows. Under Dr. Kubicka’s supervision, Clinicbe Skin of Colour can combine a variety of treatments such as chemical peels, dermarollers and Mesotherapy to cure hyperpigmentation around these prominent body areas.
  • Hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers
    Wrinkly, veiny or patchy hands can not only be a confidence-breaker but can also give away your age! We’ll administer just the right amount of dermal fillers to make your hands look fresh and super-smooth and can tackle pigmentation using a range of non-surgical procedures.

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